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Indoor Tanning Beds & StandUps Descriptions In Atlanta

Get the sunkissed look you’ve been craving at Simply Sun Tanning. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we offer State-of-the-Art Tanning Equipment to help you get that golden glow.

Diamond - Most Effective

Relax as you tan with luxurious aroma therapy and music from the MP3 stereo system in our Diamond models. Our 10-minute KBL "DIAMOND" Tanning Bed has a total of 52 lamps, including shoulder, side, and facial tanners. It features built-in air conditioning and body misters for cooling comfort.

The 8-minute iDOME™ "DIAMOND" StandUp Tanning Bed has 58 lamps with high-pressure facial tanners. It also features built-in air conditioning and adjustable face and body misters for cooling comfort.


Ultra - Better

Get a seamless tan in our StandUp with only 7 minutes per session. The SunCapsule™ "ULTRA" contains 54 x 220-Watt VHR/HP sun lamps and a 22 mph fan for a sweat-free tan. The 5.5-sided design increases exposure to the face and body by 20%, generating about 12,000 Watts of overall tanning power. 

The SonnenBräune™ "ULTRA" Pryzma 12-minute Bed contains 44 x 160-Watt 9k90’s plus 500-Watt facial bulbs, generating a total of 10,000 Watts of pure tanning power.  This bed is comparable to three to four hours in the natural sun.


Super - Good

Our Klassik Tower "SUPER" 12-minute StandUp unit has 56 x 160-Watt tanning bulbs, producing approximately 9,000 Watts of tanning power. SonnenBräune's high-powered cooling system is designed to create a virtually sweat-free environment. While traditional tanning beds can leave white areas under your arms and along your sides, the Klassik Tower lamps surround you for a more even tan.

The KBL 3500 "SUPER" 14-minute Bed features 18 x 140-Watt reflector tubes in the canopy with matching reflector tubes in the bench and 3 x 400-Watt high-pressure facial tanners.


Medium - Entry Level

Our "MEDIUM" models are also great for tanning on a budget. The SonnenBräune Bronzer 20-minute Bed produces 2.6% UVB with 32 tanning lamps. Our HEX 12-minute StandUp produces 2.6% UVB as well, with 46 tanning lamps.  Takes a little less time to achieve a base tan.


Regular - Entry Level

Get a high-quality tan on a budget.  Our basic SonnenBräune "REGULAR" 20-minute Bed is far from giving you a basic tan produces 5% UVB for an affordable, short-lasting tan. This level is also good for people with eczema, psoriasis, and acne conditions.  Takes longer to achieve a base tan.


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For sunless tanning in Atlanta, GA, using our tanning beds and tanning booths. Simply Sun Tanning is your source for tanning discounts.